graphic design for game implemation with as3 using FlashDevellop

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i’m making a card game like magics:the gathering, yu-gi-oh trading card game and i’m stuck with in the implemation on graphics/asset.

I don’t know what is the best way to change assets easily:
making some design in flash than import a swf with all asset already in the right spot or making it in photoshop and import assets one by one and use the x and y property to put them in there spots or/and a xml file that tell the position.

can someone give me some tips and thricks ?

P.S.: i’m using FlashDevellop

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My method in FD:
I had a script that would take a directory, and build an (using embeds, and giving it the name of the file without the extension).
If you’re going to have a lot of files (which for a tcg is a yes), I’d look into doing something like this.

Or a spritesheet, but then you need some other way (xml, pre-defined array, etc) to do the names.

But, you’ll probably have some sort of card list anyways with titles, stats, whatever, so having a reference to an embedded resource or position in a sprite sheet should be no problem.

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My method is to use Flash CS6 to design my graphics, and then I hardcode the cords from my CS6 designs into my game. It takes time, but it seems to work pretty well.