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I’m currently using Gamersafe for my achievement system, was wondering if, as long as I do not include the login feature for my Kongregate release, that it would be fine to use on this site. They say no 3rd party apps with ads or login systems, well, though Gamersafe can be used for microtransactions, I’m only using the achievement system.

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Hmmm good question.
I think the main reason they do not want a 3rd party login system, is that it could be abused.
There are plenty of games that rely on 3rd party hosting of content/user data etc. and last I read about the kongregate achivement system, it actually allowed you to fetch data from 3rd party offsite databases. What you are describing is actually the last.

P.s. As for login systems, I know that some games allow you to create alternate logins, so you can use the same data on kongregate and the games original site. BUT you are never required to create a second login for the game.