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Hey everyone new to this site and excited to say our company Rikkir ( has finished the first stage of our word puzzle game and looking for some quality gaming beta testers. we chose this site as there are good reviews online and I just dont want average gamers. We want the best available.

This will not be a normal beta as we are looking for you to play it and give us feedback not spend hours looking for bugs and glitches. If you come across them so be it and maybe do a screen record or capture so we know the context in which the error happened. I also want to let you know that the people chosen for this beta will have direct recognition on the game website for your involvement. We only need 50 people and already have 25 people locally who are in line to test it.

Here are the questions we will be asking:

1. Things you like
2. Things you don’t like, or things that are confusing or frustrating
3. Ideas for improvements you have
4. Bugs you may have found (with instructions for how to reproduce if possible)

If interested please email me