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A friend and I created a little side project website, www.thosestupidgames.com. It’s a casual game site designed to poke fun at the banner advertisements on MySpace.

Since its recent launch, the site has seen a lot of traffic (with virtually no marketing efforts). We have some expansion plans for the site as well as a small business plan on how it could be a worthwile and profitable venture.

We’re looking to potentially partner with a flash game developer to create some more games, just like those already on the site. If anybody knows of someone that might be of interest, have them contact me at micahdavis7@gmail.com.


Micah Davis

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Did you intend to create essentially a web based Wario Ware? Because you did. A little less Asian bizarre humor, and a little more American pop culture references, but its unmistakably Wario Ware-esque albeit less frantic and much more casual to reach a broader audience.

It’s pretty ironic considering all this talk about 4 Second Fury/Frenzy and Wario Ware in the Kongregate forum, when everyone is talking about how micro games are supposed to be done, and then out of nowhere you post your site which seems to have done them correctly by accident, though some of the games could use a little work (especially the scrolling ones that require difficult to predict timing.)

I think you’re on to something very big here with your streamlined design though, a simple microgame time waster site like this would be huge around offices and schools where gamers have very little time to play and just want to do something entertaining quickly.

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What’s in it for the developer?

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That was surprisingly funny and well done. I especially liked the game where you control the guy controlling the dance game. Think you might be willing to upload this onto Kongregate? You could include links back to the original website, of course.

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If i had seen any more then 1 post…

mdavis..? Maybe the traffic came from you posting in random forums?

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My apologies for the delayed response…I hadn’t logged back into the forums as I thought people interested in the idea might soon as well send emails. :)

Thank you all for your responses to my post. I have never heard of Wario Ware but a blogger did mention my site as similiar to it as well.

The aim was to create very simple “microgames” for some fun and time-wasting gameplay!

If a developer would like to be a part of this…I am talking to a couple of people right now about a part cash/part equity deal in the venture. I have a full business plan done with plans for expansion as well. Please email if interested and only if you’re serious.

With warm regards,