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I need an partner for a team of flash game designers!

I have plenty of ideas for games and make the graphics for them but they never get into the portal because i have very little actions script knowledge!

I would love to have a partner that has supreme AS knowledge to make a series of platformer games starting with the armor games rock contest!

The idea is that its like the metal slug game on the consoles BUT! instead of picking up weapons you pick up transformations and turn into different animals/monsters! We’ll make a series of them and maybe make one in time for the rock out contest? but if not its ok..

So if you can post some examples of your AS!

Here are some of my graphical things! Starting from most recent! (not finished) (the dome is bad) (another) (not finished) (sprites)

If you are interested email me or add me on msn at

Or post here!


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Got one now!! Thanks!

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I think you need to practice your drawing/draftsmanship skills. The animation is quite rough.

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Atm i am noob about programming games and actionscript, but i am learning and made my first animation 1 hr after i got the porogram. i wanna become your partner :) and i have added you to my msn, the mine is