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hey guys, im tryin to create a game and I have the preloader and everything set up and it works, but i have 2 questions. Ones really important and the other is not as much.

1) Im not sure if this is how you should code a preloader and game, but i think you put the preloader on frame like 1 and the game on like 3, but if the game is on 3, what code do i use to keep the game cycling the code in frame 3. I’ve found things like putting stop(); at the top of the frame but then it just stops…what is the best way to continue playing say, frame 3, where all my game code and assets are??

2) Ive seen this before and i wanna know how it works and how to do it. On my comp, when i simulate download, the preloader doesn’t show up until like 10% of the bytes are loaded, but on kong game will either have the preloader show up right away, or if its a big preloader, there is a little text box that says: “Loading Preloader…” How can i get it to do one of these things???