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Is there a way to send data through a function on a different frame. I am making a calendar for a web page and I am taking data from an object and I want to send it to a different frame that has only 1 days worth of data on it. My frame 1 has an entire calendar and my frame 2 has just one day. so i want to send the data when i click on the day to send from frame 1 to a function in frame 2. This is what I have on frame 1:

var my_day:Object = new Object();

first_btn.onRelease = function()
{ = “Feb. 1st, 2008”;
my_day.title_event = “First Day of February”; = “This is the first day of Feb.”;

And i want it to send my_day, the object to frame 2 which has this:

function sendData(my_day:Object)
//Sets dynamic text to the my_day object’s Strings
titleTxt = my_day.title_event;
dateTxt =;
infoTxt =;

Any help would be great. Thanks in advanced

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All you would need to do to get that to work is put your sendData function on frame 1.

Variables aren’t restricted to certain frames of a MovieClip, so if you set titleText etc on frame 1, they will still have their values when you go to frame 2, and their associated textfields should still display those values properly.

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ok thanks alot i figured it out earlier, but now i get why that works.