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CompetiCash is looking for flash developers that are willing to create flash games for us. Payment would be a set price for each game as well as ad sharing revenue. The game would have to be developed with our scoring/points system in mind. We can go over these details later. If you are interested or would like more information please contact me at jamespeerless@gmail.com Please send sample work if you are interested as well as how long you think it would take to create each game. I know this would vary on a per game basis but what about some smaller games like snake or tetris or small puzzle games, etc.
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I forgot to mention, there is another position we are trying to fill. We would also be looking to get a developer on board our team here at competicash. You wouldn’t get paid on a per game basis but you would get direct profit sharing. This is not ad revenue sharing from your games. This is profit from the whole company. You would become part of the team and not just contracted to make a couple games. If you are interested in this position please send me an email at the above address and make sure to tell me all about yourself and why you would be a great addition to our team.