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7,000 database objects dumped. Sorry anyone who had 150 minutes or less. Dumping 1,000 codebox entries tomorrow. Let me know if you desperately need some random piece of code from it.

Sanitized some messages.

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Something happened to playerio it looks like. :D

Their main page returns a 404 even.

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Help Desc, Error, and Code
At the top-left of the screen in GDR there is a list of names. If you click on one of them you can kick them and silence (if your a moderator) and such. Now here comes the idea, also adding a button that allows the person to show the code and errors they are getting.

Code Link – codeDAceeri711223
Error Description – #1009 Blah blah blah This isn’t working, blah blah.
Other Things – The objects are named Blah and Blah.

Also, people maybe could comment on it to help them.

Basically its a forum thread inside GDR, but more embeded into the player. So they would soon get the help.

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Playerio is having issues yet again. :/

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Messages starting with / won’t get logged into Chat history.

(So commands won’t show up anymore and if you have semi sensitive info that you want to let only currently logged in users see then you can put it before your message)

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FastSWF Version

Quickly upload swf examples to share with minimal button clicking. Browse for swf, click upload, copy pasta url into chat.

I hope this will be used more than the media tab purely because of its convenience. It’s time to increase media flow through gdr along with text. Hopefully that can aid us in getting or giving help faster.

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im looking for a expereinced programmer in flash or c++ i know a little c++ and want to make a game for kongragate

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Originally posted by thadpark:

im looking for a expereinced programmer in flash or c++ i know a little c++ and want to make a game for kongragate

C++ is not supported on Kongregate. This is also the wrong forum and an unrelated thread. I recommend checking out the Collaborations forums.

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Kong’s version of GDR isn’t working for me:

Any ideas? The dev version works fine.

E: I think it may be related to Kong’s recent bugs with the chat.

E2:: Fixed. thanks, UG. ♥

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All playerio servers are currently down.

Amazing that their service reports perfect health too, eh? :D Not so sure that’s accurate now.

I’ll give em credit for showing rooms as red in the admin panel though

Post on 1/19/13 @ 9:10PM PST

Playerio seems to be suffering a(nother) downtime. Started at 9:06 PST. Still down as of 9:25PST. When it fixes, I’ll remove this post.

EDIT Their datacenter “blew a switch” – no idea when it will come back online.