[Project] $$ for Developer to Build a Custom Game

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We need help putting our illustrations into a fun flash game. Here is the idea for the game:

Various objects pop up on the screen randomly. The player starts with 100 points. The goal is to get the score down to zero. Click on + if the item will slow you down (add time), or – if the item will speed you up (decrease time). We will provide illustrations. See how low you can get the score in X amount of time.

Items that decrease score (good) include:

- Box cutter cutting toward rather than away
- Plastic bags left around on the floor
- Customer being ignored as someone places product
- Associate standing around
- A broken box placed in a stack with good boxes
- A stack of boxes showing mixed categories – men, women, boys, girls
- Plastic straps on the floor

Items that add to the score (bad) include:

- Accurately scanning a box with the LRT coming off the nestaflex
- Placing plastic in the trash bag attached to a cart
- As associate consulting the Visual Presentation Guidelines
- A cart filled with product that all has tickets saying men’s khaki shop
- A rack with all sizes of a shirt represented (2 XSs, 2 Smalls, 2 Mediums, 2 Larges, 2 XLs)
- Box cutter cutting away rather than toward
- Someone looking up from what they are doing to help a customer

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I’ll join in, i’m a graphic designer.

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I don’t get this game, what is it actually about?

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Ah… what’s the contact information… who is it for?

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:-/ Mcdonalds has a flash video design for their instructional video, and it sucks [monkey balls] best of luck!