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When I would upload a game to Kongregate there used to be fields for me to change the dimensions of my game. I can no longer find this option. Does anyone know if this is still possible, and if so where can I do this?

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I’m pretty sure it auto detects the correct size now.

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I never saw the options on the first upload screen, but try editing the game, I think that’s when they show up.

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It does auto detect… I don’t want it to. Before I could customize the size based on inputs (it merely resized via html).


I already tried… they changed the system and it no longer is an option… if you see it let me know I could just be missing it.

Thanks for the replies.

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ch00se – if a game is wider than 700 pixels it gets resized to 700 (with proportional height). Since that’s generally the right thing to do with larger games we took out the dimension editing.
Hopefully this works for your game?

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Thanks for the reply.

I realize this is probably a special situation. My game is 650×650, so there is no autoformatting done on the Kongregate side. This would be fine with me, however, after having the game on Kongregate for a while I constantly got feedback that the game was too big. So I merely changed the dimensions to 550×550 and immediately those replies went away. My personal computer is at a very high resolution, so the original game size is fine for me, but the audience of Kongregate thinks otherwise :). This is why I am asking. Is there any downside to allowing the developer to choose the dimensions?


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Well, the main reason for giving that option is just to keep the upload process as simple as possible. It’s gotten more complex because we need to include the API info/choices.

If it’s something that would be valuable to a lot of developers we would consider putting it back. I’m not sure I understand the downside of just using the Flash size – is it hard to change it, make a swf for Kong, then change it back?

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is it hard to change it, make a swf for Kong, then change it back?

It is if it lags but you lost the original .fla, so you want to have it smaller to avoid lag but can’t re-export it… just thinking hypothetically here :)

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I think that in general I agree with your statement. No need to clutter the update screens. However, I think an “advanced” feature would be nice. Changing the dimensions of everything in my game would be quite a bit of work. Especially since I originally never intended the sizes to scale. Putting Width and Height attributes into an HTML tag would be extremely faster.

Truthfully, in my case this could be resolved by merely having someone at Kongregate manually change the dimensions for me… and that would be fine. And honestly, it could even stay at the dimensions that it was designed for, I don’t even think the game is ranked high enough to be searchable. I was just making sure that I wasn’t missing the option somewhere.

Thanks again.