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Ok… I admit to being very skeptical about the… “challenge”.

But depending on your definition of “game” you can indeed make one without using any actionscript code using button symbols as Nqkoi1 suggested.

Here is an example of this. It only took me about 5 days to build. The goal is to the find the hat that contains the rabbit!

You can download the source:

I briefly tried to see if you could setup additional “logic” by putting a second rollover button in the rollover state of the first button. If this was possible you could create something that would definitely be considered a game. However, I couldn’t get this work. So it appears that any “game” you want to build without actionscript is limited to single tier rollover effects.

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Some people are going to argue that the use of Buttons is technically using Script, but the fact that you didn’t actually type any ActionScript suffices for me. If you introduced things like masking and Buttons that get bigger when you click and hold on them, you could probably actually create a pretty detailed little puzzle-ish game.

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Technically I would argue its a script. If(rollover) then (showstate). Obviously if their is not logic or conditions you can not have any interaction. Without any interaction you certainly can’t have a game. Well maybe you could setup something at 1 frame a second that showed a ball moving across the screen at 1 pixel/hour.

Then some text at the top that say “Challenge the ball. If you watch it it reach the edge you WIN! If you get bored and quit… then you lose!” :)

A button isn’t going to be able to effect itself and rolling over a button inside the rollover state of the first button un-triggers the first buttons rollover state. Using the down state prevent rollovers from working within that state. I create two button and a question “right or left” and then you press and hold on left button and I would show two rollover choices “up” or “down” but those rollovers did not react to the mouse.

Why oh why I’m spending time on this…. I will never know. :(

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If you just use rollovers, then thats not scripting, I’ll agree with that.

However, I see these neither as ‘games’ nor as a logical way to use Flash. Its all going to be mostly the same thing. Even Mcreds ‘creations’ are more ‘games’ than this.

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Hmm i dont know who is this Even is but if you agree that dress up dolls are games then games ca be made without script