Monetizing your Flash Game with FlashGameLicense

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Hey everyone, not sure if you’ve checked out the new post on Emanuele Feronato’s blog about us, but it’s a good read. It also has some good advice at the bottom of the post (being a developer myself I know how hard it is to wait to release a game!)

Diggs welcome, of course.

I also suggest you check out the rest of the series (this is the eighth part of the series) as he explains multiple ways to try to monetize your game.

Let us and Emanuele know what you think!


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Emanuele keeps making great posts. Although I laughed when I saw

I won’t unveil at the moment how much Greg (Kong’s owner) gave me for the sponsorship, but I’ll tell you how his sponsorship works.

Later he fixed it saying greg was community manager though. I think a post for FlashGameLicense was made on Kong already though, I’ll find it.