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I’ve been in an art slump, recently, so I’ve been doing random doodles and sketches in OpenCanvas for some friends of mine on Gaiaonline.

Um…here are a few, I guess? =3=

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Like working with OC? Your stuff looks great, can only complain about the gray lines. I like the second to last one the most, I like how you faded the arms out.

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The gray lines make it sexy. Feels like concept art for a new game.

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I love the yellow tones of the blond hair from the first one, and the nervous way you drew your lines, it seems very instinctive, sensible :)

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I like to use gray lines before I go over things with black lines so gray is left over from sketches.

Then, some sketches I liked enough to splash on a bit of color, so I do, lol.

They’re all just…quick sketches without much mapping out and just…drawing, I guess.

Glad you guys like the work.

Apricot: Meh, OC is alright. Still gonna take me some time to get used to it, but that’s cool. Took me a year to get comfortable with MSPaint, lol.

If I doodle some more, I’ll be sure to share them, yoz. And hope that EVENTUALLY I’ve have something actually presentable happen after I dig myself out of this slump. T3T

Edit: Haha, post 69.

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I wanted OpenCanvas for quite a while. Seems pretty cool to sketch with :D

Anyway, nice sketches.

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I like zem doodles.

Very Much.

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Jude, if you download OC version 4.06 (I think) it’s an older version, but I have a code for it that you could use to have the full version? Sankyuu, by the way. And sankyuu, billy.

Here’s another quickie. I was super lazy with the top hat since it was just a quick sketch for a friend…

He’s a bunny. Lawl.

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Some more for ya…

Still nothing too detailed, just yet.