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Notice: Prophets of Pixels was originally run by TheWhiteAngel (TWA). TWA has now given me ownership of the group.

Banner by Lobstershow!

About: Prophets of Pixel is a great group to not only learn how to begin and develop pixel art with various tutorials from other members, but is also a great place to show off your pieces of pixel art whether you’re a beginner or a veteran pixel artist! Below (a couple of posts down) are some great resources and tutorials to help you get started with spriting. With the help of various members through feedback, constructive criticism, and suggestions, as well as external and external tutorials and other resources, this is the perfect place for new and veteran artists, interested in learning pixel art to come together and benefit from one another while practicing and perfecting their artistic talents.

If you wish, you may make various spriting tutorials to help others out. I’ll feature the tutorials in the “Tutorials” post below. I may also take a go at making tutorials myself on my Pixeltuts site which should have new content appearing on it soon and hopefully be an easy and accessible resource for new members.

Here are the guidelines for this group, as set in effect by TheWhiteAngel:
Do NOT post the following:
1. Stolen, even if edited or recolored to look like your own art.
– Sprite-splicing e.g. Pokemon Fusions, see above.
– Recoloring, see above.
2. Anything not pixel or sprite form.
3. Requests. This is not a request thread for pixel art/sprites.

Points:Points are also earn-able when you post your pixel art pieces. Each piece earns minimum of five points, but if is exceptionally good, it can earn up to 15 points. This isn’t to say that you can’t earn 15 points if it isn’t the greatest piece in the world. Improvement over your previous pieces can also earn you up to 15 points. If you win a contest you will earn 50 points and runner ups will also receive additional points.

To join, simply begin to post your art and you can earn PixelPoints.

Here is the original point system:

5 PixelPoints = Every image
10 PixelPoints = Very good image / Significant improvement / Tutorial
15 PixelPoints = Exceptional image / Massive improvement / Very good tutorial
50 PixelPoints = Win a contest

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Here is the PixelPoints Spreadsheet!

If I forget to add your points, don’t hesitate to notify me either through a PM, or a post!

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Microsoft Paint (MS Paint) Rundown – By TheWhiteAngel.
An Intro Into GraphicsGale – By TheWhiteAngel.
ShadingShading Part 2 -By TheWhiteAngel.
Snake on a Tree – By HolyQuacamole.
Sword AAing – By HolyQuacamole.
MS Paint Tricks – By DragonArcherZ.
What is Pixel Art? – By LucasBurgel.
Ros’s Isometric Pixel Tutorial – By Rosate.

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Resources and Downloads:



GraphicsGale is a simple, but very effective pixel art program that’ll not only allow you to make great pixel art, but animations as well. This is one of the best programs if you want to make pixel art, so be sure to download it if you’re interested. This program is good for both beginner pixel artist and veteran pixel artists. (Learn More)


Pixen is a stylish and innovative pixel art program for the Mac. It works well for older arcade graphics, but can also be used for more modern pixel art styles. Pixen is a great choice for anyone that wants a free and easy to use pixel art program for the Mac. (Learn More)

External Websites:


PixelJoint is a large online pixel art community. Here you’ll find some of the best pieces of pixel art. This is a great place to learn from other artists. Every week there is a new themed contest that will challenge your skills. Artists can also be awarded different achievements for each piece of art, such as Top Pixel Art for the week. (Learn More)

DeviantArt is one of the largest, if not the largest online art community on the web! DeviantArt is a great place to learn from other artists and upload your art. If you don’t already have an account on DeviantArt, make one! dA is a vital resources, and a friendly community, for an artists, of any style. (Learn More)

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Collabs &/OR Contests:

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I can’t wait!

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I still don’t see why TWA couldn’t run the old one, but do it less frequently.

Anyways, I have an isometrics tutorial if you’re interested, and if you want to deter Pokemon Fusions, you could do a link to my Pokemon Fusion thread, with something like: If you really want to do Pokemon Fusions, there is a thread for that <link>here<link />.

Also, I’m working on a project.

P.S. If this should be deleted, I will.

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P.S. If this should be deleted, I will.

No, I don’t see any reason why you’d need to delete your post Rosate.

I’d love to see your isometric tutorials – post it!

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Ok. It’s a google document, in presentation form, actually, so here’s the link.

Basic Isometrics in Paint.NET

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That’s a great tutorials Ros! I’m sure it’ll be a big help to newcomers looking to get into pixel isometrics. I’ll add it to the tutorial list. :D

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To christen the new PoP, we should start off with a contest. (Yay, contests!)

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If there is to be a contest, I will enter.

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I only posted, like, two pictures on the old one…
Anyway… FEAR IT!

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Anyways, I mentioned a project, and this is stage 2, since the outlines are boring.
The basic colors!

Also, we should have colab in here too.

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That looks great Hunkadunkus! Good color choice, and the detail of the chest is done well. If you can, save it as a .png, or configure the .jpeg options in the future to sharpen the image. I would suggest darkening the face details (eyes and mouth) to make them stand out more. If you do those two things the image would come out much better. :D

I’m thinking about starting up a contest soon. I already have a couple of ideas for the contest! I’ll also take suggestions for future contests as well.

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It’s impossible to improve the quality at the moment… I’m on my iPod.
I use Sprite Something, before print screening, cropping on a photoshop app, and uploading to imageshack :/

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Hey, you forgot to link up the resources and downloads to the sites.

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Here’s a place where you can get the old XP edition of MSPaint, for Windows 7. Just thought that might help someone besides myself.

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Awesome, the new thread is here.
Good luck running it, snipa.

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I can’t see it…

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Do I suck or what?

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Actually, I think they look OK. Although their lack of any facial feature besides eyes is strange, it looks rather comical.

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Yeah, they are pretty good, just form the depth a little better by using more shading.

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And thank God you aren’t using pillow shading!

Updated art coming soon right…

! here !

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Le Boom