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Oh People, always moving never staying but simply living
From the joys of drama to the displeasure of knowing where ever we go we will still be hunting for that special place that does not actually exist.
But of course as an optimist, I must say we are already there
but that’s just me.
It doesn’t matter what you are hunting for in life, for it will always end in moving and start again with the buying of little metal trinkets that cling in clang and ting in tang, bing and bang which comes to an abrupt stop in the bread isle.
Why the bread isle?
Honestly who knows, maybe it is some inner need to take a knife and butter that bread.
But I think I started ahead of myself.
Before the moving to grand areas, before the hunting for great oddities, before the buying of bread, there was
and always will be
the irritation of people who exist with the full intent and sole purpose to wreak havoc on our loving and lively lifestyle and the fact that we are living, laughing, loving and eating all our bread makes them start plotting all the ways to throw this lovely drama at us.
Those Brilliant individuals who enlighten us with their knowledge of the obvious, those who are impervious to all things that are logic, and let us not forget those who’s bottom jaws know not the meaning of closing.
this is for all those people who always try to drive us insane and prevent us from eating our lovely bread.
We all know them, the traders of hand me down knowledge and its changes as it hangs above the heads of those it travels from.
Each time passing from one another, the vibrations of their voice giving it the life to change again
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change tell it gets back to you with the force of a charging bull,
that, has yet to actually charge.
The hours it takes fixing this madness that towers over the now intoxicating scene
or just ignoring it
that’s more effective you know, just ducking, dodging, blocking, and running
like the great fighter we all are
and after the social meltdown that became our near death experience
we run into the great fellow who
for reasons that should be forever remain unknown
leaves us a comment so profound that even God himself would come down from the heavens just to tell him face to face NO SHIT, even china knew that just happened.
And let it be known that it takes us all our willpower to not say that our self
But it will all be okay
things are starting to get brighter
Until you turn around and see that man pulling at the door, That in big bright red letters SAYS PUSH
and then, then you know
You are all out of bread.

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and you need to buy more bred
the end

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There I sat, staring at the screen. The first few seconds were peaceful, though disorienting. My perception of time began to slip…withstanding, I became gripped with fear. Fear of what? Fear of losing sense? To what purpose is sanity? Why be sane when I can disappear into my mind, where misery is lacking…

…coming back now, I feel the sadness settling into my heart like an early morning mist. However, just like the dew of the grass my heart shall be warmed by the coming sun. By these words I find the courage live another day.

Day by day…

Hour by hour…

Minute by minute..

NO! I shall not die willingly whilst my brothers and sisters live in squalor and poverty! I am blessed by God, and I will spend every blessing to the betterment of the kingdom of Heaven!


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my amazing poem

Is this the end?

yes it is so.

im sorry i had a good poem then i forgot

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~Tis just a itch, the thought in the back of our mind that doesn’t seem to go away. Only showing it self when we are not looking for it, yet always there. We can’t help but feel its presence, the feeling of insanity slowly leaking its way in, only to be dismissed as a itch. If not only to help prove to our self that its a itch. Oh just a itch, only a itch, just a itch

welp thats my last one.