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It seemed to me like the first post being such a huge wall of text, was the reason I scared a lot of people away from the thread. So I decided to clean this up a bit, talking less about myself, and showing off more.
So to show my progress over the years:





My DeviantART profiledA Gallery for quickness

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well it entertained me for a little while, and in my eyes thats a success :P

Critique wise, I can only say that a plot is non existant and the whole thing makes no sense, but thats okay with me :P its just random and I like that :P

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That’s the way it should be, or I wanted there to be hardly any plot. That distracts from the comedy genre in general and my sense of humour is particularly weird.

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You ready FOUR this? Extra effort applied, I stopped being lazy at Page 4! Whoo! And now they take longer! Whoo!

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I like them so far. c: xD

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Just gonna show this here, I have nowhere else to put this so… yeah. SLOTH Project

Animation done in Flash CS5.5, based on the deadly sin, Sloth for our college project around one of the seven deadly sins. Was around 200+ frames, 4 layers and almost 2 weeks… but most of it done today within that time. :P And I was definitely feeling like the embodiment of sloth drawing it, and that is why I picked it for myself! Go laziness!

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Mr. Cactus is awsome! the medium used reminds me of ’saladfingers’for some reason! the humour is nice too. roll on!

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Erm… kay, guessing that was an insult or something, thanks, Ian. :P

Sketches done recently when I’m bored in college.

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Hi, it wasn’t an insult, i really like Mr.Cactus!! i guess it was the thick outline thats all!! as i said keep Mr.Cactus going dude!

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Seems like I may as well rename this and do the first post again soon, because this is my whole gallery thread, not just for Mr. Cactus and partly because I’m not doing those right now.
And now I did.

Anyway, here’s a link to the menu interface for “Legend of the Icicle: Rise of the Brief Hero”.
Let me know what you think and stuff, it’s most likely not staying as it is right now for the final game anyway, so your input’s definitely appreciated.

EDIT: Other people need to post more! I’m lonely! I edited the menu because it was the wrong size by 150 pixels in height, LIEK OH MY GOSH. So if you click the link it’ll still be the new update of it.

And here’s a blog post, totally the opposite of long-awaited, but yeah.

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Again, just me posting spam, ladadeeladadah. Skull warfare enemy for Moshdef’s enemy thread thingy.

And another blog post from today.

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I’ve had to dig this up from like the bazillionth page since I lasted posted in November here.

My Livestream channel is used a lot more these days, so I’ll advertise that:

It’s often live on Thursdays at 8-10 PM GMT, doing streams of videogames for the PC and emulated games from time to time, as well as my own drawing skills in Flash. With the drawing I ask what people want me to draw, and I think it’s rare that I’ll ever say “No” unless it’s inappropriate, an example of this would be just yesterday I drew Bowser with an afro that made him look like he was from Elite Beat Agents, while eating a Goomba. So yeah, I try to make it as entertaining as possible whether it’s drawing or games, so you get to pick the games sometimes too, but if you don’t like the game I play, I can’t do much about it. Although the games you don’t like may be very entertaining, somehow…

As I suggested with “Just yesterday I drew Bowser…”, I don’t JUST stream on Thursdays, but whenever I want at around about the same time, 8-10PM GMT. I can’t guarantee it’ll be on at that time every day though.

In other news, I’m working on several games at the same time, including Legend of the Icicle still. And this platformer that’s weird-looking as of yet:

The Before and After screens are supposed to show I improved it, the trees didn’t seem to match what I wanted to portray in the environment, the character didn’t look like he fitted, and some minor things.

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I have no idea what you people think when you look at this thread, but somehow, 700 views doesn’t seem right for 12 posts… or rather, the other way around.

Anyway, the Prophets of Pixels thread inspired me to do some tutorials again and this time, not just pixel art, it’s well-rounded for all art mediums and considering these two are about colour, I wouldn’t want to stick to just pixel art.
Art Tutorial 01: Colour Theory Basics
Art Tutorial 02: More Colour Schemes

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…For the love of God, people. I swear. I’m being ignored on purpose when I post here, well, I was ignored when I posted the link here on PoP too. It’s grating on me, what is the thought process? Do I scare people? IS THAT WHY YOU WON’T GIVE ME ANYTHING? I mean, usually I get at least the general stuff that’s a bunch of compliments. But just completely ignored…

Anyway… here’s a tutorial if people are only interested in viewing and leaving: Art Tutorial 03: Context And Palettes
This one is pixel art related, unlike the other two which were in-general, so be warned if you come away feeling like it was useless to your trade.

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Originally posted by TheWhiteAngel:

I have no idea what you people think when you look at this thread, but somehow, 700 views doesn’t seem right for 12 posts… or rather, the other way around.

I think a lot of the art forum-goers lurk and skim, maybe even getting a few people who normally frequent other sections too. They may feel they don’t have anything to say beyond simple compliments or simple critique, so they’d rather just move on quickly. That’s what I’ve been assuming for a few years now, at least. Would have posted sooner myself, but I didn’t catch the thread until just now. First time seeing it. Sorry. :<

I like the tutorials — nice, easy to read, and quick. I wouldn’t mind seeing them go a bit more in-depth, though, or combining topics to create larger ones. That way, someone can find all the info they may need in one area. Then again, they’re nice, bite-sized chunks, which is also good. Decisionsssss.

The SLOTH animation seems like a good start, but is really jerky in quality. This is my own taste, but if you want the “active lines”, as I guess I call them, that some flash artists use, I would redraw every “still” frame twice, while keeping only one frame when something is in motion. That way, you have them always “moving”, but you keep a quick action to it all. Maybe want to be careful with them sliding around a bit, too. The chair gets smaller and slides a bit to the left most noticeably. To me, it looks rough, but then again, I have a habit of doing the same thing. So maybe I’m not one to talk unless I can learn not to do it as well!

The sketches have a good start to them too, but I wouldn’t mind seeing them go a bit darker. They’re strong in the sense that they get the point across pretty quickly, but falter in that they stay pretty mid-toned throughout. Giving them extreme highlights or really pushing the black can give them a bit more life and depth. Can also help if you want to take a sketch and re-do it, so it’s even easier to read and move with. Same thing with the skull enemy — feels like it doesn’t get dark enough in some spots, mostly down near the treads. Though the skull have enough highlight to it that it should be okay.

I know nothing of pixel work. :( Otherwise I would try and say something about the game in progress. It looks really nice so far, though! I like the balance between lights and darks, and the color palette suits the mood of the images pretty well. Wish I could say more. D:

Again, these are just sort of personal opinions on the stuff. So, um, hopefully it doesn’t come across the wrong way or anything.

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I might have had a response to most of that if the work you’re criticizing wasn’t mostly from way back in November.
@the tutorials comment: Thanks, I sometimes felt I was writing TOO much and with the 3rd one, I had no quirky drawings ideas to liven it up a bit, was wondering if it was easy-to-read for everyone when it’s transperant on the green of DeviantART instead of my white flash space I make it on, so that’s good too.

@The game screenshots: Thanks, it’s okay, I did have some worries that the character wasn’t as easily see-able against everything as he good be, but your words are reassuring.

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Update on the Livestreaming:

Livestream Channel Link

Quote from DeviantART description:

“So, as it says, every Thursday 8PM GMT, I’m the only one who streams atm and I don’t have a mic. In future, we may have multiple people streaming, I’d like that so we could take up more of your time hopefully. :P

I do drawing in Flash, I’ve posted some results from previous streams with that here a while ago. We also stream anime shows, because I love anime, especially the 90’s anime. <3 Mostly action genre, too. And finally, videogames. Which should take up most of my time on streams. I don’t often do the anime, it’s just recently I’ve started and I know I can stream pretty good quality videos with anime now so we’ll have more of that.

The videogames are only what I have on PC on steam, I get new games sometimes and I usually focus on streaming them. If not, it’s usually that I’ll ask YOU. The viewers, to vote. And then hopefully they pick one.

On Monday we’re also going to have what I’ve called the “Late Night Anime-athon”. And to start it off, we’re showing the final episode of the popular, new, Mirai Nikki. Which I personally love. It’s Monday, 8PM GMT. For Americans, that’s 4PM EDT and 3PM EST. Which means for you, it’s not really a late night anime-athon. It’s an afternoon Anime-athon.
Sorry, but I’m British.

Please give us a visit even if it doesn’t sound like it’s right for you! You might end up loving it!"

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So yesterday I was drawing on Livestream and this is the results:

Livestream: The Wizard’s Defence

Took 2 hours, 8 minutes. I was messing about with the music in the background and taking my time as well. :P

Oh, and Flash crashed half-way through and I had a ragefit. Otherwise, that wizard would be Ryu shooting his hadouken, didn’t want to draw Ryu again so the wizard saved the day.

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Idk why I never saw this thread again since I first posted about mr cactus :P I liked that sloth project from a couple months ago.

In the before and after pics, is the character in the after shot the new version of the main character or an enemy?

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Originally posted by kantieno:

In the before and after pics, is the character in the after shot the new version of the main character or an enemy?

And I don’t know why I never bothered answering your question, Kantieno. It’s a new version of the character, I didn’t think the casual boy with a scarf fit the creepy world filled with monsters. That only works for Square Enix, not me. And the subject of that, my new idea was rather than the contrast of a simple and innocent boy who is a bright light in the darkness, he is now a cursed man to live after death, hence the undead-ness. Something like that, anyway.

Here’s Art Tutorial 04 on DeviantART.

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What program do you use?

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As I’ve spent most of my time playing around in Flash, as a game artist, that’s what I use for most drawings that aren’t pixel art. So, Adobe Flash (CS5.5 version), which isn’t free, Adobe products cost a lot, you can get a free trial for 30 days. And the pixel art I do is done in MS Paint and GIMP. MS Paint’s obviously free on your PC, and GIMP is an open-source image editing program that is often compared to Photoshop.

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I updated the first post to show off more instead of the text wall, images from each year from 2009 to 2012. If I find something from 2008, I’ll try to include that too.
EDIT: I got the 2008 avatars from my first thread, and first Forum post on Kongregate back in 2008. Such memories even if I was just messing about in MS Paint.

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Did this comic strip a few hours ago. Bad joke, couldn’t think of anything better so I rolled with it.

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Oh, so that’s not the frog burning up and turning to ash in the final panel.

Now it makes sense. XD