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WLAC6 - Submissions

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Welcome to week 6 of WLAC!
This weeks theme is “death”, have fun, play nice and enter!

-One side of the image is 500px or larger
-Entries are to be made after this post. The addition of graphics made beforehand BY YOU, is allowed, but should not be the basis of your entry.
-Entries must be relevant to the current theme.
-Entries must be posted by 8:30pm AEDT on February the 28th. (One week after this post).
-Renders and photos that you do not own may be used for reference only and should not appear in the finished work.
-One entry per person. You may post multiple images in this thread but please make it clear which one you’re entering.
-You must vote if you enter (and not for yourself)

Credit to Dasmitimsad for the banner, and competition idea.

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A quick sketch I did. Grim reaper and his pet, Kong Ant, find a dead bird.

Also, Oboe, you should consider letting the winner pick the next contest theme. It’d make things more interesting.

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Hmmmm. That would be interesting. You’re full of good ideas.

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Anyone else?
The winner this week can pick next weeks theme :)

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Alrighty, GoGoogleIt, looks like you get to pick!

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lol how did I win automatically?

Theme: “robots”