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Hello! I’m a new user here at Kongregate and wanted to show my art and graphic design skills. I’m very interested in game design and have been playing with zbrush 3 quite a bit. If anyone wants me to help them out in designing interface or character art for a game on here then let me know! <333


I’m still working on a flash website that will have my art and design together soon.

pings luff to all

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wow! those are great. u r very talented, well as u know.

this Mary Jane Centaur is totally goin on the wall. i mean in some stable…

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I commissioned Rebecca to draw a mascot for my game, Rocket Racers, which is now on Kong. I’m sure you’ll agree she did a fantastic job.

…and please vote my game 5, it’s the least it deserves. :-)

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Wow, you have some great stuff there. I love your kung fu tree frog! xD