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Are YOU on Deviant Art? (locked)

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just a place for people to look at all the others on the website called Deviant Art.

If you name isn’t in the list, just PM and i will add you. But tell me your username on DA too.

Kittys-yay = Tigerstar53

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Go to this thread.

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It’s pretty old and a lot of the people posted there don’t come here at all anymore, speedy. It might be a good idea to start a new thread seeing as tigerstar couldn’t update the main post as well.

There has been a DeviantART group of Kong on DeviantART, but seeing as how it’s dead and this Forum is almost too, someone could create a group for The Arts as an attempt to make this place a bit more livelier too. You could post journal entries about contests and stuff, then maybe random deviants would see how awesome we are and maybe we’d get more regular users on The Arts.

I would be more than happy to help make that.

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Yeah, I am. But I don’t go on there much anymore since I have an inferiority complex (or is it superiority complex?) where I see good art and I go all emo since I feel like I can never measure up to those artists’ drawings, sketches, photography, etc. Never mind that they’re like, in their late 20s and early 30s and have years of experience xO …

my name is deideiblueeyez … I’m a fan of the anime/manga Naruto so most of my faves center around that, my name as well (Deidara from the Akatsuki) and I have a few crappy fanfics on the series, as well as general photography… I plan on uploading my drawings some day when I get a good scanner and have the time …