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Making free youtube backgrounds if you want for your channel. Here is my youtube channel.
Leave a discription of:



What it is based on e.g. space, kong, COD, BF3, games

Words to put in e.g. your name or gamertag

Text e.g. size, colour, style

If you want an emblem as well I could make one. Do the same description if you want a emblem.

If I don’t replie in 24 hours then message me on youtube
Must Subscribe and subbox plz helps me out

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Colors – Black BG, Dark Blue-ish Letters
Pictures – I want this beside my username please – (Not the Halo 3 version scroll down & see the darker version or the “Halo Reach Re-modeled version”
What is it based on – Halo
Words to put in – “iTrue9000”
Text – “Halo” text or something like it
Size/Style – Doesn’t matter

My Youtube Channel –

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Ok starting to make you BG now
I don’t know about the Halo Text my com won’t let me download it

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Ok, that’s fine. Just a “cool” text then. :)

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iTrue I have finish making your BG but I don’t know how I should send it to you?

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Upload the picture to


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Uploaded it here is link

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Oh what? Lol. oat/ninja this is peterjla from youtube. i just realize i had a kongregate that i never used lol. yeah just letting you know i sent you a request.

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yer i got it