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Hey everyone. Since I’m on Kong a fair bunch while waiting for code to finish I figured I’d check out the forums.

I make electronic music and have been DJing for a long while. Kinda two sides, one dark and minimal, the other housey with breakbeats.
If you like it, you could do me no greater honour than giving my facebook DJ page a like!

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Not bad. I’m a big fan of electronic.

However, I’d like to state one thing, which COULD be wrong as I’ve only listened to the first song right now, but the beats and notes on Extinction In Action is pretty standard trance, as well as the progression. I’d reccommend adding more variety for a better song, becuase no one wants to wait one minute just for a bit of a change in rhythm. I’m writing this as I listen, and I’m still hearing the same rhythm until around 2 minutes.

Good work. You’re still a bit rusty, but with a bit of hard work, you definitely have potential. I’ll stick an eye out for your music.

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Thanks for checking out my page DragonArcherZ. I think we have different opinions in style, as that mix is definitely not trance. Techno, and minimal for that matter, focus on smaller variations over time in loops. If you’re interested in different rhythms like breakbeats or actual trance, have a look at my other mixes. Specifically, there are a couple of tribal/prog/techtrance mixes up on the soundcloud page, or if you search for my symmetree 06 mix on the web you’ll find a mix that travels through ambient, postrock, breakbeat to tech house.

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oh yeah, since i’m bumping this thread anyways. the extinctioninaction mix has been taken off soundcloud to make room for other things, but it’s still available on this excellent blog: