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Hello my name is SameneS, I am a poet.

I am still young and have plenty of time to grow.
I am ready for the future.

I am extremely influenced by the writings of Fydor Dotoevsky, Hunter S. Thompson, Chad Lamont Butler, T. S. Elliot, Friedrich Nietzsche, Edgar Allan Poe, André Lauren Benjamin, H.P. Lovercraft, Noam Chomsky, and Jean Paul Satre.

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“Trill Pimp Struggle”

I jus put yo mayne bitch, on da stroll
Now she bring me, Lotsa doe
She twerk Fo me, cook Fo me
Amongst all dis lovin, Ill neva Fo-get
…She a hoe

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“Real Nigga Struggle”

Double Cup, u kno wut im Drankin
Niggas kno, I stay Leanin
Feds Patrolin, Snitches Hatin
Thas y my eyes, stay flamin
And da mac, stay fully loaded

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recent review:
Afakaz : That was masterful, SameneS. Brought a tear to my eye, really evoked the dramatic passion of daily existence, while deftly counterpointing the surreality and ultimate pointlessness of the broader scheme of things.

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A poem’s essence is theme, understanding and quality. With such short poems and lack of the aforementioned merits it’s appeal is severed and left dangling on a thread of unchastity. If you enjoy inditing short poems you should stick to something like haiku, senryu or tanka for better form.

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My favorite part is where you misspell ‘T.S. Elliot’, ‘Dotoevsky’ and ‘Jean Paul Satre’, simply because that’s the only aspect of your posts where you didn’t intend to be a dumb ass, and yet you manage to be. At least you cited good authors, saving Chad and André, of course.

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Well, i wasnt sober when i typed any of these. But yeah I do enjoy reading and different writing styles. I am trying to read Naked Lunch right now but its a really hard read…

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“E/S Crippin”

credit is due to the boys in blue
pigs in suits
their patronizing pearls:
fermenting this world
credit is due to the mantra
of my family
for inspiring my waning:
my subjective liberty