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Originally posted by Zoronii:

So I’ve been wanting to do some vectoring/line art/art in general. I have a drawing tablet, and I’d like to know if any program can do vectoring, as well as regular art. I’m willing to spend up to maybe $250 dollars.

If you have the money to spend, you might want to look at Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, but they are relatively pricy options.

By its very nature, vector art work and “drawing” (raster; ie: pixel based) art work use different structures. You are unlikely to find a program that can do both pure vector and pure raster together. However, if you are looking for software to do each of these things, you may try Inkscape for Vector art work and GIMP for drawing.

If you want a dedicated drawing application, get MyPaint, which is an open source drawing software. GIMP, IIRC, can import MyPaint files for further fine-tuning and touch up.

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Uhmm…What kind of artwork can we upload?Does it have to be Kongregate-related?And Can we copyright if WE are the REAL artists of that piece of artwork?Please reply.

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Originally posted by Laxaria:

Art Resources: Links

In this section, I will compile and collate links to various helpful resources that should assist you in improving your own skills and abilities in whatever digital art based medium you choose.

In addition, I shall compile a set of resources, tutorials and other places that should assist you as much as possible.

Art community websites

GimpTalk [GIMP]
Get Paint.Net Forums [PDN]
National Sig League forums [PDN, GIMP, InkScape, PS]
Pixel Joint [Pixel]
Image Hosting websites

Kongregate Collabs

DeviantArt C4D Renders (Restrictions apply)
Stock Images

FringeFX Gallery

1001 Free Fonts
Abstract Fonts
Urban Fonts
GIMP - Tutorials

GimpUsers Tutorials
Gimp Guru Tutorials Tutorials
Paint.Net - Tutorials

Paint.Net Forums
Photoshop - Tutorials
DeviantArt's Photoshop Tutorials group
PSD TutsPlus
InkScape - Tutorials

InkScape Tutorials WebBlog
Blender - Tutorials Tutorials
CG Tutorials (Blender)
Pixel Art - Tutorials

Derek Yu's Pixel Tutorial
PixelJoint Tutorials
Mark's Pixel Art Tutorial
Drububu Pixel Art Run-down
GIMP - Application Resources

DeviantArt GIMP Brushes
DeviantArt GIMP Plug-Ins/Scripts
GIMP Plug-In Registry
Paint.Net - Application Resources

Paint.Net Plugins
Photoshop - Application Resources

DeviantArt PhotoShop Brushes
DDeviantArt PhotoShop Patterns
Blender - Application Resources Resources
Miscelanous resources

Color Theory
I looooooooooooove this site;Http:// XD
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Hi, I just visited this thread because I’m interested in making computer art casually. However my on-line expirence mostly consists of just playing flash games and some basic HTML. Is it possible there could be a dumbed down version for people completely new to this? Although I could possibly pick out all the parts of the guide one-by-one it just feels that the guide is for less of reading as a whole and more of filling in what you don’t know. For instance I know the definition of “brush” but I have no idea how you explained it. Perhaps highlighting or bolding what is essential for making art such as basic terms or links and adding some FAQs for people who want to just make something simple like a GIF?

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Would add and as Art community websites

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thanks guys! it really help when you get other ideas, on how to make it work out. And with good support to the admin.

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Pixelation has a huge list of pixel art tool and other good stuff that should be added here

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