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Rate my sprites!!

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Trash Can 1 –
Trash Can 2 –
Street Light(Off) –
Street Light(On) –

Tell me how my spriting skills are and how I can maybe improve? I really need to know. D:

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Street Light(On) Opacity down –

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I don’t give a flying Final Fantasy XIII-2(and that’s a curse substitute) about ratings, I’ll give you criticism.

If say, the trash cans were used in a game, and I played it, I’d think you’d bypassed the 2nd dimension and somehow reached a universe I call “Flatland”. I think it’s where Mr. Game & Watch lives and the paper incarnation of Mario goes for his holidays since Delfino Island. What I’m trying to say is, THEY’RE FLAT. Like they’ve been crushed by the local steamroller and scanned back into the computer as quick as possible. You’ve got to get out there and use more than straight lines and a few odd pixels to make a slightly round part, I want something so 3-dimensional that I push the hyperdrive button and fly off into that 4th dimension no one talks about. It’s not that hard to create something that looks 3D, it just requires more effort into that 4 seconds with the line tool.

For the lighting ON, I suggest using transperancy for the light otherwise it’s going to look like a huge magic wand with Pikachu shooting its thundershock attack all over the town.