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My special effects!

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Heres to videos I worked on for a little bit! Check em out! Tell me what you think! Any constructive criticism is welcome!

And Here!
And also here

Thanks for your time in advance!!!

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I would encourage you NOT to shoot your effects outside where there are trees and lightweight bushes. They will stutter when you clip.

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Thanks I just added a new video! if your a doctor who fan try it out!

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Haha! That third one is pretty good!

It actually reminded me of a funny scene in one of my favorite skateboarding videos. You might appreciate this:

SKIP TO 6:30

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i forgot what I posted that got removed… anyone remember?

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Dunno. The mods here seem to be fond of removing posts without explanation. (This one will probably be removed before you read it.) I’d take it up with rawismojo.