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Hello… I’m currently messing around with some ideas for a game, and nothing is settled yet – but today I tried to stop looking at game design and graphics for a while, and tried for fun to produce a little music loop.

This resulted in a 6 second loop:
(give it a little while to load)

I would like some feedback on the short loop.

(If it’s going to be in one of my games, I’m going to make it longer so there is a bit more variety in the melody)

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Not bad at all! It wouldn’t work at the current length because it would just be far too repetitive but like you said, if you increase it to add some variety then I think it will work well!

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Changed it slightly… Made the loop a bit longer, making it progressive. Just to show the elements of the song, as well as a possible start of the music.

And updated the graphics a bit.

Edit (took nearly 24 hours to get a response, and of course it’s timed right as I’m writing an update note):

Thanks for the feedback. As soon as I’m in the mood to fiddle with sounds and melodies, I’ll give it a shot making a longer melody.