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I Guess I Hit You

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I didn’t mean to hurt you
You ran so I did too
We ran so far away
Until the month of May
When you said I hurt you
By I don’t recall
Hitting you at all
You said it was last night
But that cannot be right
I was looking for your purse
You said you lost in the universe
So how did I hit you
If I wasn’t with you
It doesn’t make sense
How I hit you by the fence
I wasn’t nearby
But you said I was near
And you thought you hadn’t needed fear
But you said I hit you right out of the blue
But why would I do that
We were running like rats
Away from are cage
Even though we were both a young age
You said it would be alright
There’s no need for fright
Then I guess I hit you
Right out of the blue
So you left me behind
Nothing but a picture, I was blind
I don’t get it
How I did it
You’re already gone
And I’ve been running for so long
So I guess I’ll go home
Since you went to hide in Rome
It’s to far
I can’t make it in my car
Since I guess I hit you
Right out the blue
So I say bye
For the very last time
I hope you had fun
When we used to run far from are homes
Before you went to Rome