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First Vector Piece

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Total Layers: 304
Total Time: 9 Hours

I’m pretty satisfied with the way most of the things turned out. Even though parts of it are off (skin shading, etc) I think I got pretty close to the original.

Constructive Criticism only please.

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Wow. Just…. wow. Beautiful!

I love the blur on the glasses, gives it a nice realistic touch. The light plays well on her body, too. But the background makes the woman look too cartoony, in my opinion. But that might be what you wanted, some contrast?

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…that’s really good.

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Thank you :]!
Yes, I attempted to give it a variety of elements to stand out from other vector pieces. Though, this being my first piece, I’ve yet to learn things about the background and sorts such as the contrast.

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Nice vector art!

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Nice vector art :D!

I love the attention to detail (the blurred lenses on the glasses, and the glow around the person (is it you btw?)).

The shading is also pretty nicely done!

Great job, keep it up :D!

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Thank you :]
This is actually my girlfriend, and the skin shading needs some work.

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By vector, does that mean you made it using actionscript, and nothing in the library? Or am I completely confused as to how you did it?

BTW, nice job on the girlfriend part. :D jk

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I always liked lines and fills more so than gradients. But anyways, Vector graphics are different from your usual pixel graphics. They can be scaled in size without losing quality whereas pixels cannot. Anything you draw in flash is a vector drawing. So by his drawing being a vector drawing, you could zoom in as far as you wanted without seeing a bunch of pixels. I’m not sure about the background, which is probably just a blurred take from the original picture, or the texture under her arm, but the rest is clearly and awesomely done with vector graphic makin’ stuff. Great job by the way. I cant really criticize the quality when I see that you only put 9 hours into it. That’s pretty awesome for 9 hours. I get too tedious with details to come out with something that big that quickly. It’d be cool if you posted the original picture along with it though for comparisons, but i wouldn’t ask anyone to post pictures of their girlfriend on the intraweb :P. Once again, great job.

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Amazing steamgear!

You may think the skin shading is off, but because it’s consistent, it looks fine. As long as you keep it consistently done in one way or another, it will come off as artistic, and this certainly does.

As everyone said, awesome job with the glasses. I was particularly drawn to the eyes and lips. Great work.