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Game Design Challenge: That Song Game

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You are a game designer.
A well-known musician or band walks into your studio.
The musician or band’s name starts with the same letter as your username. (You get to pick.)
That musician or band hires you to make a game thematically based on one of their songs, (you get to pick).

Below, you outline the general idea of the game, including any details that explicitly link it to the song of your choosing.

Finally, after your pitch, you supply a link to the song’s lyrics, video, or whatever.

(Please try not to include the musician or band’s name, or the song, within your pitch. It will allow readers to try to get it before they click on the link “answer.”)

And have fun!

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This is a rather simple game. Each player is supplied with a bag of oddly shaped blocks. (Each player is designated by a different color of wooden blocks.) Some blocks are simple geometric shapes, others are elaborate.

The game is played similar to Jenga, except players are given points for each block they can a
add to the pile without toppling it.
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You take the role of an acoustic guitar, and your job is to save the world in an universe where there is no language but music.
Link to an amazing song

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Awesome! I wouldn’t have gotten that, but you’re right. It’s a great song.

In this flash top-down shooter, you’re a prostitute fed up with street life. Armed (at first) only with your slinky purse, you repel hordes of johns (“clients”), thugs, angry homeless people, corrupt cops, and eventually your pimp’s gang, then finally your pimp (“boss”).