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Just started creating music, requesting feedback <3

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Hey guys. I’m a new-ish electronic music making wizard (not really), and I’d love to get some feedback on my tracks so I can improve making musics for the peoples.

Some day, I hope to get a bit more recognition for my work, but as I just do it for fun and don’t plan on doing this as one of my main skills It is not vital to my ‘being me.’

Thanks in advance :3

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Dig it.

I particularly liked the first one, Driving Vision. It unfolded well and kept my attention, but didn’t lead me into places I wasn’t prepared to go.

If I had any criticism it’s that I’d like slightly more quirkyness to them. The voices are all basically familiar, and the beats aren’t too challenging, and the simple, dance-music structure (no changes, no bridge, no chorus) are “good” but not “fascinating.”

Personally, I happen to like my dance and DJ music very minimal and maybe with some human element. (I’m not a fan of most vocals, and I almost universally hate female soul vocals on my dance music.) I guess Claude Von Stroke’s Deep Throat is sort of my personal “gold standard” for fun, interesting dance/DJ tunage.

Mr Oizo’s Flat Beat kind of captures the same spirit.

Real simple, goofy, and maybe six channels, tops.

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Thanks for the tips! (You always seem to be good at giving them).

I’ll defiantly work on adding more quirk to my tracks to make them more interesting and I’ll see what I can come up with ^^

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hey! i really hope you keep this up, ‘coz i’m lovin’ the sounds! especially Driving Vision!