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Best Sampler?

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Can anyone recommend a good sampler keyboard? The only one I am even remotely familiar with is the Ensoniq EPS (and that only as a demonstration from my music instructor ages ago).

Tell me why you think it is better than others. Better if it is a model that is currently being sold in stores (not just old used models on eBay and the like — Ensoniq went out of business, so that’s the only way to get those, plus they’re old).


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is there any budget? the only one ive seen used is the korg microsampler, but it is pretty costly.
it is however pretty easy to find though. when i lived in the uk i was even able to find one for sale in a local music shop, they are still pretty new aswell

I personally prefer to use a non-keyboard sampler (i previously used a zoom sampletrak)

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Thanks. I didn’t think anyone was going to respond.

As far as budget, I don’t have a hard set budget, but I’d like to keep it under $3000. I was reading elsewhere that the AKAI MPC1000 was supposed to be rather good (though it doesn’t have a keyboard; it does have some small velocity-sensitive drum pads).

I’m a bit leery about computer samplers, only because in the past when I’d purchased audio gear (software + card w/ inputs) for the computer, it has turned out rather crappy (the input quality was horrendous — but that was quite a while ago). I’d also like something I can take to open mics or the like (I could use a laptop, I suppose) — I’d prefer live instrumentation, but short of finding a travelling flea band, that’s out of the question…

Anyway, thanks again for the suggestions. I’ll look into them.