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Lunch Hour Musings.

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So I have taken up my pen. Hope you enjoy this first segment. If you want more….

(This is based on real events. Trust me. 75% is true.)

Aaaaargh! Goddammit! Why will it never end?!

The artificial synthenizers pulsed through the makeshift disco like a whale’s pulse thorugh the ocean. It pounded in your eardrums at such a volume that you could feel them vibrating in your head. The robotic, autotuned voice erupted, filling the cramped hall with a cacophony of sound. I winced as the song resumed for a seventh repeat.
I asked myself why I had wasted three fifty on an entrance fee to this crappy excuse for a disco and another three on three cans of Monster. Why coulden’t I just have stayed at home, at my own disco? I would fit stereos all over the house, quadrophonic settings, blasting out mixes of Smells Like Teen Spirit with various musical abomnations like that Rick Astley song and that weird, perverted song by Dead or Alive. God, I thought, these next two hours are going to drag.

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What is going on here. We’re supposed to put ourselves in the situation or something?