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if you like to do cartoons and want to support with your drawing the Universal Declaration of Animal Welfare UDAW, check the link bellow

you can submit 3 cartoons, 300 dpi, JPG, any tecnique, any year, published or not, just show your love to animals
For you: International exposition, print and virtual catalogue and special prize for 40 artist

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The work must be comedic.
The work must not contain any written words.
The work must not have specific cultural reference.
The file cannot exceed 2MB.
You must be the individual owner or creator of the image.

Winning entries are selected by jury.
40 winners will be included in the UDAW print catalog, website, and used throughout their campaign.
Your winning image will appear with your name credit.
You will receive a copy of the print catalog.
There is no financial compensation.

Deadline is September 1, 2012.

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New Deadline is september 15th

now full english version at