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Hi! I’m new here

Here is my art:

And my games :

My first game on Kongregate is “Sawbucks”

I hope you’ll like it

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Haha MAN! I love this stuff, I could look at it ALL day! I wish I was creative in that area.

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Nice work, Jim. Are you working for any developers or publishers?

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Your character designs are very nice. There’s a lot of positives for your concept design as well.

You handle the fundamentals well. There’s a little choppiness here and there, minor note on the girl with the claw and the club. One she is swinging the club, the overlap of the glove on her hand and the body with the other arm(I can’t see them, it makes the picture feel a bit 2 dimensional). The other picture has her swinging the claw hand, and it appears like an action independent of the rest of her body. Both look great, just something that caught my attention.

Very enjoyable art! Thanks for posting and keep up the great work.

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love this art the degsinges are really though through and really well drawn if i was as good as you i would get it shown to a professional again i love it