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Could someone help me with my Teemo? I drew him up fast and I need to go for a couple days, I just wanted to see if I could get a little help on it.
Here is the picture:

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Whoa, I love this. My only problem with this is the sort of shading on the purple thing coming from the hat, it’s like a gradient coming from the tip, and the ears aren’t popping, there just like faded into one colour above his hat. Overall, I love the style of him, he’s incredibly cute and innocent-looking. :)

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Nice character MaJiCmAn12!

The first thing that stands out is that the body looks to be straight-on, but the head(and shoulders/arms) are at 3/4. Just making sure that is the pose. I would probably make the boots/shoes brown to match the pants, or a color that stands out more than grey because you might find some problems animating this character(showing movement jumping/walking).

It’s a nice character design. Thanks for posting your art.

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Hey I am just about to leave so I thought I would check on this.

TWA- Yeah, I was messing around with that and I guess I saved over the original and posted the one I was messing around on. Also, I am not too good with the ears, that is mainly why I asked for a bit of help on it. Just to get the things im not too good with fixed up.

Jesse- Thanks! I will try and fix up the boots and everything else I can in the last 30 minutes or so I have left, and hopefully I will still have enough time to post that edit.