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solo electronic musician - live set?

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Hello I am a solo musicia and i would like to do a live set of my music but i dont have much of an idea how i could do it, or make it interesting…

does anyone have any experience reccomendations?

my thoughts were that i could play the tracks and then use a sample to drop samples on top, and wear a strange costume or soemthing

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Besides laptops and dj sets, you could buy a synthesizer, maybe one you could hook up to other instruments, like a bass. For example, Squarepusher does this. You can find him on youtube. Of course, that’d require you to play bass. xD
That is my view on making a liveset interesting.
I know nothing about strange constumes though. Inspired by Daft Punk, maybe?

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Not sure what kind of music you play, but I used to perform live improvised electronic music either solo, or with one other musician. My set up was:

-wavetable synth with multitrack capability, I would set up independent effect chains on different tracks, so I could get a loop going and move on without disturbing it
-LG Sweep Function Generator, an audio diagnostic device that produces simple waveforms, and does complex modulations
-a cheap am/fm radio with a condenser mic, and some effects pedals
-an old akai sampler

I would run everything both direct to the board, and to the sampler as single tracks and a two mix. It let me grab stuff out of the air basically.

When it went well it was good fun.

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thanks both for your input, due to monetary and weight (i would have to transport stuff lightly)
ive decided on a laptop/ sample combo (not sure which sampler though) and ive added some lyrics to the tracks so they can be sug live, friend will also sing and she can possibly play guitar on top or something. also crazy costumes