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lamp sketch help!

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hello i was wondering how I can scan my drawing with my printer (yes i’ve confirmed that it does scans) but how

also how much does a good drawpad sell for.


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there is often a “scan” button on the printer if not then there is a program that you needed to instal when you plugged it in, in that program will have the scan button to get the info from the printer; Assuming that you are right and that it does do scans

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Otherwise you may need to go to “devices and printers” from the start menu, assuming you are using windows, then right click on your scanner/printer in “devices and printers” and click start scan, at least that’s how mine works.

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how about the draw pad i recently lost mine no idea where it went now i need a new one but I want the best any help?

kanteno your assumstion is not correct. I have a mac and 2 laptops

oh I found the scan button thanks guys but why the hell is it behind my god damn printer wtf.