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I’m looking for suggestions, anything at all, for the name of a business/website. This is a site for games, videos, music, webcomics and more, and a multimedia business specializing in all of those things. I need something as short, catchy and above all unique as possible, and I’m open to absolutely any suggestions. I have been racking my brain trying to come up with the perfect name and it has been really difficult, so if anybody sees this thread could you please help me out and give me some suggestions? Short combinations of words, single words, or even just gibberish words like “zyuio” are fine, it just needs to be unique, memorable and ideally as short as possible.

I will be very grateful if somebody throws an idea out there that just seems perfect to me! It’s the only thing holding me back from registering my business this week.

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why not moshdef? i think thats pretty cool

heres some helpful information that might be useful;

i use the name ‘psae’ for things i do(
it doesnt stand for anything, doesnt mean anything. i just like it!

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I’d start with what makes your business unique. There are lots of companies out there providing the services and products you describe… but what sets you apart? That’s going to be the platform for your naming exercise.

These types of names are very common. “Acme”
You can also have your name reflect your origin or history. “Mutual of Omaha”
The name can also be more reflective of the quality or character of your business. “Blue Dot”
Most start-ups providing traditional products and services at a retail level aim for something more literal. “Cold Stone Creamery”

As a rule of thumb, the more specialized your market is, the more specific you can be with your name because your audience is knowledgeable. If you want your name to attract business, it will need to operate according to the needs and desires of your target market.

Frankly, people could throw out random words all day and you wouldn’t be any closer than you are right now.

Or you could just go with “Infant Penis Company” and be done with it.

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I though of some nice-sounding, relevant names but they were all taken already, so I’m just going to list some random names. Even if they don’t sound cool. Because, why not?

MMosh (I imagine the MM standing for Multimedia. Although MMosh is an abbreviation, apparently.)
AmeFuse (Mefuse? Aimfuse? I dunno)
LegitMedia (Kinda generic but it works)
QuirkMedia (See above)

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the truly best way is to buy alphabites cereal close your eyes and pick out five letters.

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I don’t know why you guys don’t like Infant Penis Company.

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Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions! That link was really useful, 1337al. I think I’ve avoided most of those pitfalls so far, but it’s good to keep them in mind.

For some reason I don’t think IPC would work, pete.