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Creation and life,
can all be broken,
with a kitchen knife
and all that’s left, is a token

A harem of death,
stringing us far out,
one last broken breath,
and I will not pout

Fighting so hard for peace in life,
when you know it won’t work,
and it’s only an inch from Death’s Scythe
because in the shadows we lurk

One last idea for my end,
a broken pace in my heart,
and a message I will send,
when life decides to rip apart

I shall call this piece.. Death.

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2)You try too hard to rhyme.

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Oh, look, it’s the poetry police.
Hide your wife, hide your niece.
Also, he seems to have detected
That none of your rhymes have gone neglected.

Maybe helltank can improve
Upon the cadence and the groove
Of Totality’s grim piece of work
Instead of acting like a total jerk.

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all ways knows what too say