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The Damned - An old poem by `Totality

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The Damned – By `Totality

Knock down the doors, steal the crown!
Oh why must it come as the brutal blood from the skin you tore,
This world is brought so far down!
And we shout “Havoc!” as we let loose the Dogs of War
to this disturbed world we have found!

The insane and the cannibals run the world
the knot in my stomach, keeps getting more curled
I don’t want to be the one to choose our fates
Not to be the one everyone loves or hates!
Just because of the right or wrong decision I make!

To be or not to be
Its all we can do!
Through the thick fog we can’t see through
Shun me or love me
The light holds our all that is true

The hell you put us through
Is nothing I can undo!
Desecrating the dead
The revelation was so true!
It’s what we all said!

It’s lead us this far
But we cannot move, paralyzed
No more gas left in the car
we are in the middle of nowhere, visualized
We will just have to follow the big star

Our minds are cracked
I hate the power and greed I’ve developed!
Fighting this impulse, control is what I’ve lacked
Burning the bibles, you stand lost, fear enveloped
Your mind has become fragile and you’ve sacked

The dogs have come, arriving with a fiery blaze,
We run for our lives, flailing around
It’s hard to run through this thick haze
The horses come and bring hell,
The loud noises stop, losing my ground

The wastes, hear the shrilling cry
and flows the water of life,
free for all, plays the song
We trip and fall, the tip of the knife, gone awry
wanted to take one life, took the masses

Losing consciousness again
One more message to send,
when we were the only ones left,
to be my friend,
was the only memory I kept

I, the one who was in possession of this land
has lost his control, his hand
From which I cut off myself;
from the decisions I made, hells sand
I cannot reach my goal, which lays upon the shelf

The only thing now;I sought, I found
is the blood, running from my mouth
Everything ends, and has run aground
It is time for for me to breath my last breaths
Understanding why you made me aware of the Ides of March
Parting is such sweet sorrow, Cowards die many times before their deaths

Yeah:This is an old poem I wrote when I was around 12, it was more or less for school, but I wrote it on my own time :p

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u should make a song