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Hello there, my name is Alxje, and now I would like to ask you guys two things:

1) im unfamiliar with the Arts forums, so please be nice to me. If this topic is clogging up this forum, due to a stupid asked question, which belongs on another thread, please do tell me ( in a normal way ofc), and I will lock this topic and post the question on the correct thread.

2) The question I do have is: Is there any artist/ photoshopper who wants to make an avatar for me? I am not handing out any money, nor goods in return etc, just a question for an artistic person with too much free time to spend. Please, Don’t strain yourself to provide an avatar for me, I dont want to pressurize any of you guys.

Feel free to post down below your images/avatars, and I will comment on them.

My preferences are though:

-I prefer symbols over words/letters in my avatar
-simple colours (grey white black), not too energetic, however, used in the right combination, I might actually like it
- I am a sucker for lines, for some strange reason.
- I prefer smooth over spikey.
- If you have no inspiration, take some out of my current avatar

I think that’s about it.
Thanks in advance, and hope you guys are challenged,
Greets Alxje

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What’s the matter? Don’t like Throbbing Gristle?

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I laughed at that more than you would probably expect.

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What’s funny is that I’m actually a Throbbing Gristle fan. When I first saw his post, I thought, “Damn, another guy that likes Throbbing Gristle! That’s awesome!”

Then he proceeds to ask for a new avatar and it sorta bummed me out. He probably doesn’t know where the symbol came from, and I suspect he won’t be back.

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:). take it easy with the prejudges,But I must admit it isn’t quite what I expected, to put it in the least (yeah, I made another account due to a gamebug struck my first account).

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Wait, you made another account and already have 689 posts?

So, are you TG fan? (It’s not pre-judging… it’s just judging.)