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Lime_s Thread [Gallery]

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Lime_s thread.

please feedback negative or positive I greatly encourage.

hmm well I really dont have enough art to start a gallery, but I have a few of my favorite drawings.

well I like this one but he looks off proportioned in this picture because the angle is wacky but I ensure you the proportions are 99% accurate. a few mistakes here and there but overall I like how it looks

this is some singer guy I forgot the name. any ways I used a really fun technique for this one. one mistake I can point out is his ear might be a bit misplaced. but I really like the look of it.

my most current pixel art parrot with beats ’nough said the back ground I could really work on but the parrot I like

my favorite drawing that I ever drew was unfortunatly lost, I will try and find it.

well I guess thats all I have other then a zombie picture I drew back In 2011

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Modern architecture

Modern architecture fascinates me in that they use simple shapes and create buildings that seem to defy gravity, simple yet so complex. Classical and renaissance architecture used tiny patterns and details which looked amazing, but the problem I see in that type of building was that it did not flow. you would be too busy looking at the little details that you could not notice the whole piece at once. So modern architecture has this simpleness that early age Architects thought too be impossible. That is why modern architecture fascinates me so much. Here are a few examples of the simple shape great architectural feats posses.

this one has the shape of a sail and is a great example of simplicity in complexity.

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that was just a part of a project for pre-engineering 25

Islands. Game idea.

Just a game idea that popped into my head. Here’s how it works. you will end up in a world of randomly generated floating islands in the sky, each with a different material or substance on it. you have to gather and mine those resources and build a village and as your technology advance you unlock new materials and can make things that you couldn’t reach different islands and advance your community. you must satisfy your civilians by feeding and entertaining them. as you go further on you will find computer made civilisations, some rich and can help you some poor and you CAN help them. you will choose too assimilate or accommodate them.
your choices in this game will have a huge impact on your civilization.

The game should probably take you around 40 hours of play time, well until you reach the final discovery. you can keep expanding for ever, although the game would be ridiculesly laggy if you do that.

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Okay, you’ve described the theme and the essential gameplay activity. That’s good. What you haven’t described is the core conflict. What do you have to outwit or out-twitch in order to succeed in your explorations? What is the resistance to your expansion?

Is it economic constraints? (Maintaining the growing and unstable balance of various commodities… e.g., happiness, work, resources, technology.)

Is it a competing player or AI? (Bot rushing to beat you to ripe mineral repositories and basically obstruct your expansion.)

Is it conflict resolution through combat? (Cannot expand until you are powerful enough to beat the resident obstacle.)

Is it challenge-based twitch games? (Reflex games that allow you to proceed based on your trial results.)

There are loads of game-structures to rely on. It’s a very important consideration.

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the out wit is the balance of starvation you cant let your people starve also your wealth. so it is the first one you mentioned.

I am also planning on makeing lots of fun mini games or easter eggs they may be called. lets say there are little butterflies floating around you will have to collect them by clicking on them, but they are rare and hard too find. and to get a little more in detail about the food. Ok so you have hunters that automaticly hunt creatures like rabbits, moose and so on. So lets say a rabbit will give you 10x meat but a moose which are rare give you 100x meat, you must save and maybe trade with other civilizations to feed your civilians. then the other is a farming island it will give you 1000x wheat (or any other crop as you level you unlock new crops) every 20 minutes or something like that I haven’t really made a time scheme that will be somewhat accurate. but a challenge with crops is that they can get swarmed by bugs or maybe a drought will occur in that case you have to battle natural disasters too keep your civilization strong. which is where allies come in they can help you when your desperate that is where making decisions really affects you.

hopefully this gives you a better idea of the challenges you will face.

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Yeah, okay. So, essentially, food is the growth constraint. Your civilization will quit growing without enough food—or it will grow to consume the available food.

And with civilization growth, you are given more units of work in which to create more food, or invest in other disciplines like Technology, Exploration, Military, Farming, and so on.

At its core, this is a game about math. To create good game balance, you’ll need a very calculated ladder of progression. The risk with many of these games is that they get progressively easier as you become more capable rather than progressively more challenging. And with many of them, the challenge is simply keeping track of everything rather than working hard toward the next immediate goal.

1 work unit = 1 food unit
3 work units = 5 food units
10 work units = 20 food units

This means that as you grow you earn economies of scale. Otherwise, what’s the point in growing? The more food you have, the more you can do exponentially.

Build rocketship = 100 food units
Explore solar system = 1,000 food units
Explore neighboring system = 10,000 food units

Each tier scales to meet your capabilities. So, in this way the game doesn’t change much. Personally, I feel like this is a real shortfall of empire-building (econ sim) games. Although it appears the game is ramping up, it’s really not… you still have to put in 10 minutes of real-time play to earn your next tech plateau.

The tech tree is where the action is. It’s the player’s incentive to keep playing, but it’s also the mechanism for providing choices. Without a tech tree, it’s not really a “game” as much as a script. Even with the tree, the cost of poor play is simply delay… but not failure.

What about a game where you played as a dying world. You start with a full tech tree but as the game progresses you lose technologies. I’m not sure what the victory condition is, or where the rewards are for playing, but the format sounds interesting and unique. Like Missle Command, (or a host of other games), where failure is inevitable; your success is measured by how well you’re able to delay it.

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can you simplify this I think I know what your saying but just want too know for sure :)

the idea is evolution I kind’ove want too follow that path the challenge with food is the island will slowly disappear so you must find another farm island and you have too manage and not forget as you get further the more overwhelming it will get.

that last idea is great though. maybe I could add a game mode like that.

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Great artists on youtube.

Mark crilley.

he does realistic manga and plenty of tutorials.


amazing pixel artist.

will add more :P

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dont even know why I made that there great though

a while ago I made a quick pixel landscape 100×100 canvas i made a revised 800×800p canvas version with alot more realistic features it is not done and i dont think i ever will get around to finishing it

hmm I dont even think thats 800p by 800p

this next one is a MW3 soldier I drew. after I drew him I decided he would look better in green illumination. its not done but its looking great so far. I made it pixel by pixel around 5 hours and I’m half way done.

I’m thinking about taking out the darkest green it distracts your eyes from looking at the whole piece I really dont know how else to say that.

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and heres one I really Hate. i just hate this one im showing it anyways.

the eyes are just so terribly off proportion

the thing that says _H is how long it took yeah its athetic my work rate is terrible.

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Ifeel like a fool. today I felt like doing a bit of ink practice. so I got out the ink but for some reason I thought it was empty, so I put it above my head grabbed a spoon and I opened it (thinking its acrylic paint (stupid me)) and woosh ink all over my face that was quite a waste of 20 bucks. :)

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this is pathetic

collabs forum

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better then no comment

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recently I’ve been working on a cowboy themed sidescroller here is a picture of the cowboy you play as

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yeah i quit the forums doesnt mean i cant visit them :P