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Alright, so I am a student at a film school, and I thought it would be greatly beneficial to get some critiquing from a broader audience.

First off, I have an assignment for Color Theory: I must create a drawing, make 3 photocopies of it, and across all 3 drawings, I must make use of the following:

-Use of two or more different types of media (I have done pencil crayons and Oil pastels, and will most likely use acrylic paints for the third)

-Use of the three primary colors

-Use of the three secondary colors

-Use of at least 6 tertiary colors

-Analogous Colors

-Complimentary Colors

-Monochromatic Colors

-Tinting with White

-Shading with Black


-Color Complexity, Saturation, and Temperature

So far, I believe I have finished two of three of the pieces, but I would like some critique on them. Also, I would like to know what I am missing out on from the list of criteria that I need to incorporate into the third drawing.

(Pencil Crayon Medium)

(Oil Pastel Medium)

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Well, obviously my work is perfect because there’s no criticism :3 (I’m joking)

Here’s another assignment I have done, a self portrait using fonts. Out of all the assignments I have done this year (I’ve done quite a few), this one means the most to me, although it does break my heart.

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I think that with your portrait you might consider using typefaces spanning a greater variety of weights. There are some VERY dark faces, and some very light faces. Build your basic masses first… the dark part of the portrait in particular. Then use lighter faces to fill in the grays. I’d discourage you from using the faces as shapes to form contours, (unless that was the specific assignment). Once you have all your blacks and grays in place… using the density to control value… go back with white type and add the highlights.

In that way you’ll be using positive and negative type to build form.