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I’m looking to find some resources about the structure of baroque music as well as poetry. I’m looking for something that is pretty much an all inclusive introduction to the structure, writing and form of both things (obviously not included in the same resource). I want as little about history as possible, because I often find that these extraneous details end up tripling the size of what I have to read and I’d really rather just have the base information with a single simple example of what is being referred to. Any suggestions?

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Crash course:
Baroque music is much less strictly structured than Classical music, which followed it. It was primarily confined to a dance suite (now called a Baroque Suite) of an overture and 4-6 movements. The four main dances were Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, and Gigue. Later in the period, more styles were used, such as Gavotte, Bourrée, Minuet, etc. Instruments were more primitive than their modern counterparts, so many modern orchestras will use period instruments to perform Baroque pieces. The string quartet was invented during this period, and its rise into common use is usually attributed to Joseph Haydn.

Any specific questions?

You’ll have to ask someone else about poetry.

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As a guitarist, I’m at least a little familiar with the 4 dances and they’re structures. I realize Baroque music is slightly less structured, but I’ve been led to believe that due to Bach’s influence (among others of course) Baroque was sort of the more innovative and complex era whereas I often see Classical, Romantic and Contemporary slagged off as kind of kitsch. I’m not against learning about the structure of Classical era music either, but I’m primarily looking for resources regarding the composition of Baroque, things like Counterpoint (which I already know the basics of) and specifics of tonality and stuff like that. Maybe one day I can even learn about serialism or indeterminate music or set theory in music or whatever John Cage did.
Really I’m just looking for recommendations on books.