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Hey ya'll it has been awhile just checking back.

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Here’s some stuff I have sort of been working on. I want to get more into web design and really I wanted to play with Flash a bit, I know there’s security issues and all that, but mainly this was for fun, but I did sort of a mockup of a Flash webpage

And this is a little something I put together last night, mainly out of boredom. It’s just a composition of images that I didn’t take, I just took them off of google images and played around with them, I know the text is kinda hard to see but it says “Growth”. Again it was just sorta out of boredom.

Full size image here.

Feel free to download and use as a wallpaper. I have some other stuff too but it’s whatever I doubt you would be interested anyway.

Oh yeah, here’s most of the images I used, can’t remember all of em.

Front grass.

This is what is over the text, you can barely tell because I edited it so much.
The ‘overgrowth’

Some vines, to give the overgrowth more of like a ‘bushier’ or more ‘leafy’ look I guess.

Rocky cliff for behind the text

Rocky cliff
Another rocky cliff I used as well

And the background:


I’m not sure if most of these are royalty free, probably are but whatever, I’m not planning on selling it or anything anyways commercially or anything like that. It’s more-so just a composition, and I did put in a fair amount of image editing work in, a lot of touchups and improvements.

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Ohhh, I like it. It’d be a great scenario for a game, heh.

Great job on the grass details and shading. Maybe I’d add a clearer light source, and I would edit the background stock in order to look sharper, it makes a huge contrast with those vines.

Keep it up :)

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Thanks, again I don’t wanna take credit for something I didn’t make the grass there is just a photo stock I used off google. I changed the contrast, color saturation and made it a brighter green to increase the quality but that’s about it. Thanks for the feedback Lightsun I appreciate it! It has been awhile since I have seen you around

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Oh, ok! It still looks nice.

Yeah, I’ve been really busy with my new job and stuff. I’ll try to be around more often :)

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Haha well just know, your job isn’t worse than being in basic training.

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That’s a great bit of image editing. I like how it all looks like it is just one part, drawn/painted like you see it there.

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Well hey, just goes to show the power of Photoshop when you use it right.