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The Adventurer's Desire

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The Adventurer’s Desire

My name Is Dauger.
I have traveled on a lot of places
All of which seem too dangerous for a human, that is
There was this one place that no one would dare even enter

Interested, I went to go there
Rumors said that a dragon lives there
But I wasn’t afraid, I was one of the mightiest warriors in the land
I’ve slayed countless beasts, won against the tournament champion in Fiore…
I was confident In myself.

But then I started doubting myself once I entered the cave
I heard noises that sounds like that of a dragon’s
Once I built enough courage, I then searched for the dragon
I searched everywhere, but I can’t seem to find this dragon..

Were those rumors fake? I thought.
But what about the noises I heard earlier? I just assumed It was my imagination.
Disappointed, I then started to leave the cave.

Then I found this map, lying on the floor.
It shows the location of a place i’ve never seen before..

Part II:

After a good night’s rest, I was ready to start on a new adventure once more.
The place I was heading to was quite far from my house, so I packed up my supplies
then I was ready to leave.

I’ve met some interesting creatures on my way, I collected their bones.
Once I return, I’ll sell these to Runa. The woman pays a lot for these kind
of things..

A few hours later I was getting close. I was wondering what would happen
when I get there. But what I wanted was to see a real dragon..that was my desire.

Ah, there it Is. I see a heavily guarded castle. I had to be careful,
I don’t want to waste time with these fools.

I sneaked onto the castle, trying my best not to be seen.
I was successful, now I’m inside!

Part III:

After I was in, sneaking around got quite easy now.
Then while I was exploring around the castle, I’ve found a cave..
What’s a cave doing In a castle? It didn’t make sense, but I didn’t really care.

I was excited. Ever since when I was a child, I was always fascinated by dragons.
To the normal person this would seem strange, but that won’t change me.

As I tried to go to the cave, suddenly someone from behind attacked me, I dodged.
It was a person wearing black armour and he’s wielding a big sword..

“You’re not from this place, aren’t you?”
“Yes, that Is correct. But what are you gonna do then?”
“Then I shall have your head.”
“We’ll see about that.” drawing my sword, a fierce battle commences.

I dashed forward and then I swinged my sword, he blocks it but then I kicked him
with my left leg. He got knocked over, but he quickly gets back on his feet.
I casted upon him a few of my spells, this weakened him enough for me to kill
him in one strike.

We fought for a few minutes, I was waiting for a chance to get an opening.
For a moment he left himself defenceless, It was my chance to strike.

I slashed him fast enough that he wouldn’t be able to react.
He drops on the floor, still alive but I doubt he’d be getting back up soon.

I took a few potions on my bag to heal myself up, then I carried on.

Part IV:

Now that Im on this cave, I started exploring.
Just when I was minding my own business, I heard the shot of an arrow.
It was aimed at me! I just blocked It with my shield.

“Who are you?” Someone said with a man’s voice, from afar.
“..My name is Dauger, what do you want?”

“Dauger, huh?” Then he revealed his face to me. I know him, His name’s Tal the “Hunter”.
Just like me, he’s one of the best warriors that ever lived on this land. he is quite famous, I must say.

“Are you also here to explore this cave?” I asked.
“Exactly. Mind if I join you?” Suddenly, he asked.

“No reason. Got nothing to do, why don’t we just explore the cave together?”
“Alright, fine then. Just don’t try anything stupid.”

How awkward that was. Anyway, we then started exploring the cave together.
I thought it might actually be a good idea, he might be able to help me in times of need.
Despite his fearsome looks, he Is a good person.

Part V:

After a lot of time wasted on exloring, we found a portal.
Why Is there a portal here? It was weird.

“Hey, I don’t like this.” he said.
“Well, If you want you can depart now. It’s fine If i go alone.”

he just changed his mind all of a sudden.
“Nevermind, let’s just go in!” he pushed me in to the portal. That damn fool..

After we entered, we were greeted by a huge dragon!
Finally, I found it. We both prepared for battle, the dragon started to rush toward us.
I was fighting in close combat while Tal attacked the dragon from afar.

The dragon used It’s fire breathing attack. I tried to block with my shield, but I had to dodge soon.
From It’s back, I put all of my strength into this one attack.
It was in pain, but then I was put back by it’s powerful kicks.

We continued fighting for hours, until we finally killed it.
I felt so good, I was so proud of myself. I managed to kill a dragon! If my father was still alive, he would’ve been in awe.

“friend..we did it!” he said in joy.
“Yes, indeed. Let’s go back now, we have nothing left to do in here.
Before leaving, I collected it’s bones to show everyone in my village that I managed to kill a dragon. They would’ve liked that.

After a few hours, we were finally back on the road.
We continued to travel together, but It was already midnight. I set up a camp for us to rest in.

The next day, we were finally back to the village.
We became good friends, and partners.

But I will never forget the day we killed that dragon. It was such an accomplishment.
Now, the day I die, I hope to meet my father again. I have quite lot of stories to tell him…
He would be so proud of me…


Constructive criticism is appreciated.
If you’ve an idea to improve this little story of mine, feel welcome to say so!
Remember, this Is my first story :P