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Where is he? (locked)

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We were at park, my brother. We had nothing to do, so we decided to play a little game of hide and seek. “Alright, I’ll hide and you will try and find me.”

I counted for 40 seconds, then I started looking for my brother. I searched all over the park, but I didn’t find him. So I decided to look for him in the woods.

I saw a man from afar who appeared to have been holding something..In the shape of a ball..I just pretended that I didn’t see him.

I tried to look for him for like 30 minutes, but I can’t find I started calling out his name. “John! Can you hear me?” “You can come out now!!”

But It didn’t work. But something fell from the trees…what was it?
It was in the shape of a ball. I went over to get a look at it, and It was my brother’s head…

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Ummm… great job? :|

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I swear, I wasn’t the one who wrote this. Somebody over the internet told me to do so.