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"Initial's" drawings. (All your favourite Kong members!)

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So… Basically, I’ve been bored lately. So, I’ve taken to drawing initials for all my favourite people on Kongregate! Well, most of them are my favourites, but of course, some people are too famous (and infamous) to be left out.

The problem is, I can’t scan them into my computer because the virtual memory is too low. So, if anyone knows how to fix that problem, I’d be very grateful!

But the good news is, if I can’t load them into the computer, I can spend more time drawing some more! If you would like one (oh, go on!), then post below, leave a shout in my profile, or if you want me to make you one on the very second, come visit me in The Van.

Edit: Fixed! If you’re on the list, click to view underneath your name. Drawings are in sets of four.

Here’s a list of all the ones I’ve drawn so far:

AlisonClaire *


DarkChameleon *




Flare_X *







Pereking *

Sylicas *



(coming soon)


(coming soon)



P.S: These aren’t anything to look forward to, by the way. These were drawn on A6 or smaller paper, and some of them are a bit shoddy. But, I’m just drawing them to show how much I like Kongregate.

P.P.S: Not everyone checks the art forums… tell everyone you can that I’m drawing these, and ask them if they would like one!

P.P.P.S: The stars beside the names are for the people who’s drawings were the best, in my opinion.

P.P.P.P.S: Also, if you would like to know what your one looks like, ask below (I don’t mean a picture by the way, just a description :P)

P.P.P.P.P.S: Sorry for all the post scripts.

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Cool, you drew one for me? What does it look like? :)

Oh, and what do you mean by your “virtual memory” being too low? I get that message some times, but it doesn’t really stop you from doing anything.

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Well, my virtual memory is so low, that when I open paint, I can’t resize the drawing surface, if I move things it takes about 5 minutes, and when I get fed up, I try to close the program but it says: “your virtual memory is too low to complete this operation”. I mean, wtf? Surely closing a program would be better for the system?

Anyway, Yours is basically a red and blue 3-D “M”, balancing on top of a football (Or whatever you call it in America) saying: Ta-Daa! In a speech bubble. I think it’s one of my better “not better” drawings.

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what about me

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Sure, I’ll make you one Shadow. Do you know what you’d like? Font, Colour scheme?

If not, I’ll just make you one from my own ideas, but, in all fairness, after drawing 17 of them, I’m starting to run out of them. Also: read below.

To Everyone: There are no pictures in the background with these (Except for Mal and Syls, and the occasional Star of David for Pere, Deadly, and Dorham) so if you’re going to suggest one, don’t suggest one with pictures, unless they’re VERY simple. Like a setting sun, or hills, or whatever.

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^ He said his favourite people on Kongregate, which judging from the list, I’m assuming are people who regularly visit the Van.

Or you could just ask him to draw you .. =P

No idea how to solve your problem DC :(, but I hope you do fix it, I’d like to see what you drew me as xP.

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Me please! I’d like the background to be a mix of red and orange. As for the font, are you using computer fonts? If so, I’d like a bolded “Book Antiqua” font, colored black. The actual initials would be FX. Mmmkay. Bai.

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Jindo: Would you like me to tell you what yours looks like now, or wait and see?

Flare X: Sure, no problem.

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Okay, thanks!

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Do tell ;).

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Right Flare, at the time of saying this, I’ve got the foreground (letters) done, but I’m not sure what you mean by “mixture of red and orange; enough to make it look like flames without actually drawing flames.”

Er… get back to me on that, K?

Jindo: Um… forages through pockets… rifles through a bunch of papers… Right, yours is a Dark blue “J” followed by a light blue “I” followed by a Darkish-Green “N”. They’re going downwards and to the right, underlined with a thick greenish line, outlined in blue. You’ve also got the blue box and “D” for developer, with a pencil, a pen, and an “F” (for Flash) coming out of the top.

That’s what the developers get, and the mods get the standard orange “M” with a banhammer coming out of the top right-hand corner. Quite an origional touch, I know ;)

Would you like to know what any others look like? I’ve been dying for someone to ask me about Syls… XD

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Just do a mixture of red and orange, k?

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Right, It’s Ok Flare. I’ve drawn it already. A mixture of red and orange (it looks like flames… well, sort of) and there’s more red than orange?

If so, sorted, cause this is one of my best one’s yet, thanks to your tip about using computer fonts!

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Could I have a good description of what mine looks like? You better have put that orange “M” there :o

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Would you like to know what any others look like? I’ve been dying for someone to ask me about Syls… XD

Hmm… Let’s see. Tell us what Sylicas’ avatar looks like xP

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Flare: It’s just like what you said you wanted it to look like! I opened up notepad, then looked at the “book antiqua” then just copied that. Except, instead of doing “FX” I did, “Fx”. To be honest, it looks much cooler than all capitals could’ve looked. And, of course, Red and Orange background, but I can’t really describe it that well. You’ll just have to wait and see. And yes, you’ve got the “M” and the banhammer, too.

Sylicas’s drawing, eh? What made you ask about that?

If you look at his avatar, it’s the same principle background. Hills in foreground, setting sun in background across the ocean. But I was clever here, you know the way he has an Ipod? Well, I did a blue “S” and “L”, the I brought up the earphones to make a “Y” in between them! Ingenious, isn’t it?

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> Ingenious, isn’t it?

Yes, quite _.

As I said, I really look forward to seeing these, whenever you (can) scan them :3.

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hey thanks so what does mine look like?

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Yours is a big blocky red “U” inside a picture frame, hanging on a wall. Not that great, but hey? Who needs greatness when you can get good thought?

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AWWW so sweet…

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Hey, I’m famous, your friend, AND constantly in the Van. Why am I not on the list? XD

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Make one for me plox XD

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Wait, does mine have nude people in it?

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i want one.

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Oops-a-daisy, I completely forgot about you, smig! I’ll draw one now, but do you know what you would like? Read below for details.

Sure, SevereFlame and BillyFred. Read Below.

Nq, No, yours doesn’t have nude people. Just the initials, “Nq”.

Open up a Word Processor (I don’t know if you have windows) or notepad, or whatever, and have a flick through the fonts, and tell me one you would like, then tell me the colour scheme for the letters, and a background, as long as it’s not too hard to draw.