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Frost and Flame Preview

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This is a preview of a chapter I’m not sharing online for some time. It’s about an Anthropomorphic Wolf named Winter. The story follows his personal life, through love, and through war, in his quest to find his parents, and to protect the ones he loves. This Preview takes place in Wyvernmont, a Earthen Kingdom. Blake (Winter’s Mate) And Winter separate themselves from a group of other wolves one night.

This Preview Contains a M/M Relationship.

“Where are we going?” Winter asked.

“Hush. You’ll see.”

Hand in hand, Blake led Winter up the cold, brown steps leading up to one of the smaller city temples. The moon shone bright overhead, while lit torches brightened the ground below. Winter heard Crickets chirping away on either side of him, close by, and far. He and Blake reached the top of the stairs in a matter of minutes. On the right, was the small temple’s entrance, decorated with hand-crafted beads on string. Winter softly pushed some beads out his way with his left hand, and his eyes explored the room. There was a lit Brazier in the middle of the small room. He noticed that 4 golden statues were in all corners of the room, each one facing the middle of the room. On all four sides of the brazier, sat beautiful dark blue pillows. Both of the wolves entered the room and all was silent for a few seconds.

“What do you think?” Blake asked softly.

“It’s amazing,” Winter replied, “This is the place?” He asked.

Blake slowly came up behind Winter and put his arms lovingly around him.

“Yes, this is it,” he replied softly as he gave Winter a quick lick on the ear.
He let go of Winter and handed him a small brown pouch tied with a yellow string.
Winter’s looked up at Blake’s Amber eyes before taking the pouch. Holding it with both hands, he turned back towards the brazier in the middle.

“Go on,” Blake whispered. He gave Winter a gentle push towards the brazier. Winter moved towards the brazier slowly. Blake remained at the entrance, as Winter keeled on one of the pillows in front of the brazier. The soft cushion gave some comfort to Winter. He pulled the yellow string outward and opened the pouch. He peered inside and saw a small amount light-blue dust looking material. He glanced back at Blake with a questioning look, and Blake nodded at him. Turning back, he quietly poured the dust into his hands.

“Spirits of the Earthen Shrine,” Winter said aloud, looking up. “If… if my parents are alive, please do keep them safe. They mean so much to me and my brother; I don’t know what I would do without them. They gave us life, and so much more. Please let me see them sometime soon.” He said, a tear rolling down his face. He stood up, held his hands over the brazier and let the dust go. He watched the dust descend slowly. As soon as the powder-like material came in contact with the fire, the orange fire grew and turned a bright green, lighting up the whole room. This lasted for a few moments, before the fire returned to its normal color again.

Blake left the entrance to come accompany Winter. The younger hunter turned towards Blake and wrapped his arms around him in a tight hug. “Thank you, Blake. You mean a lot to me,” Winter said, sniffing. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Winter. I promise I’ll always be here for you, now, and forever.”